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21 March 2019
Company description





Iscar Microtools specializes in manufacturing of small, very high precision mechanical parts made of a variety of tungsten carbide, ceramic and metal powders produced according to customer drawings and requirements.

Machine park

ISCAR - MICROTOOLS division is a one-stop shop distinguished by its ability to incorporate in-house processes, such as powder pressing or injection and machining; together with assembly, coating, various finishing operations and heat treatments. Tungsten carbide and ceramic parts are either pressed or injected and are sintered and machined in-house from an assortment of powder grades specially adapted for various customers' applications.

Service and production offer

We offer production of highly precise mechanical parts made according to customer’s technical drawing. We use Metal Injection Moulding technology, which is a net shape process for manufacturing highly complex metal parts for medium to high annual quantities. The MIM process eliminates traditional metalworking technology limitations and allows significant shape sophistication and combination of multiple parts in one component.

ISO/TS 16949
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001 / PN-N-18001
Addressee:Michał Mariański
Address 1:Gospodarcza Address 2:14
telephone icon Mobile:+48 725 550 190