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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 11:43
cbi 2013 10 16 On 16 October 2013, Foundation Brakes Poland, a member of the Chassis Brakes International (CBI) group, one of the leading manufacturers of brake systems for the automotive industry, officially opened its new factory.

In less than a year, the project, worth approx. PLN 50 million, created a new facility on a 55-hectare property and covering an area of 12.7 thousand sq. m (with a manufacturing and logistics part of 9.3 thousand sq m).  

Foundation Brakes Poland was set up in early 2012. In June of the same year, Chassis Brakes International was born, when KPS Capital Partners LP bought the Robert Bosch Group’s the automotive brake system production business (i.e. Foundation’s business covering the production of brake clamps and drum brakes.

When it began operations in Poland, in a factory located in Mirków, the company took on 539 people. “We currently employ almost 600 people,” says Wojciech Śliwiński, the director of the factory.
Components for hydraulic brake systems, that is clamps and cylinders, as well as drum brakes are manufactured at two other locations, in the new facility and in the nearby Robert Bosch factory. “We began relocating out machinery, production lines and, of course, personnel in early September,” adds Wojciech Śliwiński. “We are planning to complete the relocation process in the second quarter of this year at the latest.”

Foundation Brakes Poland’s new facility means greater potential. Currently, the plant supplies components to vehicle makers such as MW, Volkswagen, Dacia, Renault, Fiat, Ford and Mercedes, but Wojciech Śliwiński says mysteriously: “We hope that the new project will allow us to win a completely new, innovative project and make a new product in the Polish market and to increase our production capacity.”

As part of its latest project, the supplier will spend PLN 3.5 million on a new assembly line for Volkswagen. The line will be upgraded in line with the Lead Line Design methodology. “We are now working on new projects we hope to become the reality from 2015,” says the factory director. “Among these projects, one is particularly worth noting, as it would enable us to launch production of a new type of disc clamps, namely automatic parking brakes. This would require a new customer for us and, as a result, creating new jobs.” Wojciech Śliwiński does not discount the possibility of extending the facility in the future, as the company’s land is large enough to enlarge the production hall by 40 per cent.
cbi2The history of Chassis Brakes International dates back to the 1930s, when Benefix Corporation was founded in the United States, as the inventor of a braking system based on four independent wheels, for the automotive industry. In 1983, Benefix was taken over by Allied Corporation (later renamed Allied Signal Inc.). In 1996, Allied sold its brake system division to Robert Bosch, which subsequently sold it to Chassis Brakes International in mid-2012.  

CBI’s revenue amounts to approx. EUR 1 billion. The Groups operates in 22 locations on five continents and employs approx. 6 thousand people.   Its manufacturing facilities are located in 15 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Foundation Brakes Poland‘s current production dates back to the 1960s. In 1965, the car maker FSM launched production of Duceller Bendix Air Equipment in the brake sector at its division in Twardogóra. In the early 1990s, after FSM factories were taken over by Fiat, the Italian group’s suppliers began to acquire Fiat's facilities in different locations. The Twardogóra plant was acquired by Allied Corp. In 1996, as was mentioned above, Bosch (now Robert Bosch) became the owner of the brake division. In 2003, production at the Twardogóra plant was relocated to a new facility in Mirków. In the same year, production of VW PQ35 clamps was launched. In 2010, the factory began producing BMW F25 clamps.

As of 1November 2013, as part of CBI's corporate name standardisation process, the Polish company will be renamed Chassis Brakes International Poland Sp. z o.o.