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Monday, 01 March 2010 16:55
After October, also in November last year, exports from the Polish automotive industry increased. In percentage terms the November increase was significantly higher than the month before.

In November last year, exports from the Polish automotive industry amounted to over EUR 1.48 billion. It was a second best export figure in 2009. At the same time, November was the second consecutive month, when exports were higher than in the same month the previous year. While exports in October was higher by 1.9% y-o-y a month later, it was higher by7.31% y-o-y.

As in previous months, exports was to a much extent determined by the situation on EU markets, which absorbed 90.86% of the total Polish export. Export on non-EU markets continue to decline (growth at the level of 64.48%, but steadily improves, October - 56.73%).

For the first time in several months, exports to all countries of the top ten Polish products receivers recorded increases. Invariably, the largest market for the Polish export remains Germany, which in November absorbed 30.86% of the total export. Italy (17.12%) stays in second place, followed by, France (7.64%), the United Kingdom (7.61%) and Spain (5.31%).

Again results of the exports in November were shaped by three product groups. In October, the decisive products were cargo-passenger cars, parts and accessories as well as diesel engines, all accounted for 84.01% of the total exports of the industry. Within 11 months of 2009 exports from the Polish automotive industry amounted to EUR 14.46 billion. This value is about 17.39% lower than that recorded in 2008. Exports during this period was lower by EUR 3.04 billion y-o-y. predicts that in 2009 exports of the entire automotive industry from Poland will reach EUR 15.5-15.8 billion.