October 2009: exports from the Polish automotive industry grew the first time in thirteen months PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 January 2010 09:21

In October 2009 exports from the Polish automotive industry amounted to EUR 1.47 billion and for the first time in thirteen months recorded a positive result.

When compared with last year’s results this value grew by 1.83%. This certainly has much to do with the rescue plans which were applied during that period in various European countries.

As in previous months, situation in the EU markets, which absorbed 90.72% of the total Poland’s export, determined exports results. Export dynamics has been increasing and amounted to 110.85%. Export to non-EU markets continues to decline (56.73% dynamics), but is higher than after three quarters of 2009 (41.07%).

Out of the ten most important recipient countries in as many as eight cases export growth was reported. Similarly, to previous months, as of October 2009 Germany was the largest recipient (30.72% of the total), Italy remained in second place (17.38%) and was followed by France (8.14%), the UK, the Czech Republic, Spain and Belgium. The results of the exports in October were to a large extent determined by three groups of products. In October, cars and cargo-cars, parts and accessories as well as diesel engines accounted for 84.8% of total exports of the industry.

In the period January-October 2009, exports from the Polish automotive industry accounted for more than EUR 12.98 billion. This value is about 19.49% lower than that obtained a year ago.